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Global Underscore 2017
Saturday, June 24, 5:00-9:00 pm (Estonia, UTC+3, GMT+3)
10:00 am-2:00 pm (New York City, ET)

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Bonn, Germany

We were a nice group of 19 people, taking a warm dancing bath in the music of Barnaby Tree, globally grounded and happy.

goosebumps during the introduction of the underscore, very well conscious of everyone else doing it, synchronizing already
we were fascinated that so many (55! what a nice number!) sites took part all over the world.
felt very deeply grounded during opening small dance facing china
the word diversity came clear to my mind, watching out of the window and noticing that before every window stands a different tree
feel touched and happy
guter Grundton

warm, quiet soft, present atmosphere, created by the wonderful cello played by Barnaby

viel Raum
music was very offering
friendly carpet
kam mir erst lang vor, dann war es kurz
viel Zeit haben ist guuuuut (having a lot of time is gooooood)
hervorhebung des politischen Aspekts fand ich gut (to accentuate the political aspect was good)
erst viel Information und dann konnte ich ganz bei mir sein (a lot of information at first, but then i could be fully present with myself)

facilitated by Tanja Striezel, Bonn, Germany with a big thank you to the organizers

Singapore Harvest

The first Singapore Underscore:
Jaycee Ho, Pat Toh, Kai Eng, Neo Jialing, Chia Jit Kiat Vincent, Daisy Zhao, Denise Lim, Tay KH, Virile Tan, Louis Chong, Chloe Chotrani, Felicia Lim, Celine Lim, Graeme Ford, Chen Jiexiao, Dodya, Jocelyn Chng, Chong Gua Khee, Sze
 Make It Share It Studio, Paya Lebar, Singapore
 10pm 24 June-2am 25 June 2017

Opening Facing: Campinas, Brazil
Closing Facing: Malaga, Spain

Underscores always surprise me. Dancing makes things possible.

Sometimes, when you let go instead of being so focused, your subconscious mind can have a mind of its own and something else can pop up.

I like that we are making a community now by degrees and it makes a bigger community in the world.

I witnessed so much of all of you celebrating with your spirits and bodies and it was very inspiring.

I had an image that we were in the mountains and the air was really clear, and you were all still dancing.

I set the objective to dance with everyone, and failed. I told myself I would be in the small dance for five minutes, and I failed.

Connecting - Reconnecting - Disconnecting.

I find tremendous freedom here.

Instead of dancing a lot in this space as I usually do, today I found myself watching a lot, enjoying a lot in this passive way, and participating by watching. When I go home tonight I will maybe still be dancing with all of you.

Colheita Campinas Brasil

Regina Lima
Ligia Rodrigues Spedaletti
Lucas Rosseto
Gabriel Lorca
Fabio Camolesi
Mariana Colombo
Rodrigo Faria
Daniela Zaia
Dante Moretti
Raquel Galvani
Rafael Barzagli Oliveira
Bibiana Marques
Marília Carneiro (facilitadora)

Facing: Cape Town & Singapore

Estávamos em 13 improvisadorxs de diferentes cidades do interior paulista (Campinas, Piracicaba, Hortolândia, São José dos Campos) e até do Rio Grande do Sul e da capital do Mato Grosso.
Há vários anos estudo o UnderScore com os estudantes e colegas que praticam comigo, mas foi a primeira vez que realizamos o Global UnderScore no nosso espaço. Em outros anos fomos para Sampa. Vivemos expansão!
Foi uma experiência intensa que se revela no LIVE HARVEST dos participantes.
Thanks Nancy, Mike, and all you dancers! See you soon!
Marília Carneiro

Colheita Florianópolis, Brasil

Felipe Ferreira Ferro
André Reali Olmos
Marcela Micheli Arantes
Alejandro Lancellotti
Amanda Gois
Fernanda Nicollazzi
Ana Alonso
Everton Lampe de Araújo
Nádia Brasil
Talita Delfino G. da Silva
Marcela F. Ribeiro
Karin, T. Flores

Monterrey, México

Caty Castilla
Hector Mireles
Denise Longoria
Esteban Fredin
Benjamin Cortes
Catarina Li
Daniel Ontiveros

Color chalk and sound

Facing: Barcelona & Tel Aviv

Harvest: Global UNDERSCORE 2017 Shenzhen, China

Deyiyang Art Education, 1/F, Converge Dragon Garden, Shangmeilin, Shenzhen, China
24 June
8pm Talk-through
10pm-2am GMT+8 GUS
10:50pm opening 5 min global Small Dance facing Evanston, IL USA
1:55am closing global Small Dance facing Bonn, Germany

1. 丸仔 yuenjie MARU (Hong Kong)
2. 兩口米 Mimi Lo (Hong Kong)
3. 王剑锋 JF_Wang
4. 張敏宜 Cheung Man yee (Hong Kong)
5. 黄伟辉 Aply
6. 罗奇 Lucky (Hunan 湖南) [leave earlier]
7. 塔伽 Tajia [leave earlier]
8. 圆圆肚肚 Spring (Gansu 甘肅)
9. 阿丹 Adan (Sichuan 四川)
10. 爱兰兰 Yolanda
11. 黎振宇 Ali
12. 洺钰 Sophiria [leave earlier]
13. 卷卷毛 Jo-mon
14. 李硕 ivy [leave earlier]
15. 刘霞 Lucia Liu [leave earlier]
16. 周慧敏 Seven
17. 蔡述群 Sean Cai (Chaozhou 潮州)
18. 蒜蓉酱 Garlic (Beijing 北京)
19. 刘姝 Vivi [leave earlier]
20. 李琼 Li Qiong [leave earlier]
21. 孙贝贝 SunBeiBei [leave earlier]
22. 袁墨 Mono [Arriving during Assembly]

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Wechat group live harvest:
Maru: 活躍, 累? 呼吸, 经过
Maru: 墨和柒的裤子巧合
Maru: 慢点慢点慢点
Maru: 撞
Maru: 4人2人1人
Maru: 空间
Maru: 形状
Ali: 空间内有一些单独的点,会不会如我一样,看起来在避免接触,其实是期待着以自己能够接受的方式发生? 如果有这样的点存在,我是不是可以尝试探索?
Seven: 感觉身体的苏醒
Seven: 触点转换在身体不同的位置,节奏也跟着转变…
Aply: 当我抽到“色彩”这张卡片的时候,我脑海里面想到了很多关于色彩的画面,什么彩虹啊菜花啊,对!还有酸菜,当然还有在场舞蹈发出的笑声也是一种色彩。可是,我不知道怎样才能把“色彩”这么具象又抽象的词语表现出来,当我开始转牛角尖的时候我突然很害怕:我是不是过着一个黑白的生活?
Aply: 现在我还是没想到“色彩”这个词,所以有一次走到种子卡片面前,希望能给予我另一个答案,一个我能想的出的另一个答案,可是,我竟然有些像是在乞求一样,拿着卡片的一瞬间,嘴角布满了笑意,让我感到:哈哈,老子解脱了的错觉,是的,是错觉,因为在闭着眼睛去摸卡片的时候,心里想到了一个词:忏悔,然后心里一直在默念,要是抽到心里想的那一个词那有多神奇啊……可惜,抽到的是序列,我懊恼了为什么不是忏悔呢?又为什么要是呢?夜晚,给了思考的另一个空间,难得。
Seven: 遇到小辉,这次很贴心帮忙按了腰椎,感受到深度的力感…然后,身体放松后,一直感受到那个部位…
Ali: “酸菜”老司机带路,车终于启动上路了。

post-harvest from 圆圆肚肚 Spring:

post-harvest from 王剑锋 JF_Wang:

opening small dance facing Evanston, IL USA

open score

by Maru
by Mimi